Graduate Students

The graduate programs at Washington University Medical School are administered centrally by the Division of Biological Sciences (DBBS). Graduate students in the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology come from a variety of programs. Please contact one of our faculty or DBBS directly to explore your options.

Name Lab Email
Ryan Bitter Yuan
Samantha Chin Jansen
Yong Hee (Will) Chung Piston
Stephanie Crowley Stewart
Leeran Dublin True
Jade Enright Djuranovic
Katherine Floye Djuranovic
Daniel Foust Piston
Jian Gao Nichols
Alex Hanson Nichols
Victoria Ismail Kast
Dymonn Johnson Stratman
Courtney Jungers Djuranovic 
Lingzhen Kong
Jeongmin Lee Piston
Jonathan Mount Yuan
Geralle Powell Djuranovic
Qihao Ren Stewart
Soma Singareddy Nichols
Tyson Todd Blumer
Jiayu (Jennifer) Ye Stewart
Jingying Zhang Yuan