All presentations are held in McDonnell Sciences Building, Room 423, Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:00 PM.

October 7, 2022Brady Barron (Ravichandran Lab)

Brian Egan (Kornfeld Lab)
Phosphatidylserine sensing in adipocyte differentiation

Title TBD
October 14, 2022Ryan Bitter (Yuan Lab)

JuHee Son (Ding Lab)
CryoEM structure of the Type 1 pilus bound to novel therapeutic

Gasdermin D antagonism by rotavirus in intestinal epithelial cells
October 21, 2022Sarah Koester (Dougherty Lab)

Jiayang Chen (Dougherty Lab)
Understanding the regulation of local translation in astrocytes

Unraveling molecular and cellular functions of neurodevelopmental disorders related MYT1L in central nervous system
October 28, 2022Kim Kyusik (Zaher Lab)A two-pronged mechanism for activating the integrated stress response in yeast
November 4, 2022Lingzhen Kong (You Lab)

Kent Lin (Colonna Lab)
TCAF1 controls TRPV2-mediated Ca2+ release from the ER for the protection of stressed DNA replication forks

Elucidating the role of a PILR a receptor signaling in microglia
November 18, 2022Meizi Liu (Diamond Lab)Divergent role of IL-25 pretreatment in SARS-COV2 infection outcome
December 2, 2022Kaylee O’Donnell (Weilbaecher Lab)The role of cAMP-mediated acid signaling in the bone-tumor microenvironment
December 9, 2022Sihui (Crystal) Song (Holtzman Lab)The development of a novel cellular therapy with chimeric antigen receptor-macrophage (CAR-M) for Alzheimer’s Disease
December 16, 2022Samantha Chin (Jansen Lab)

Amir Kucharski (O’Keefe Lab)