All presentations are held in McDonnell Sciences Building, Room 423, Fridays from 3:00 – 4:00 PM.

January 6, 2023Wesley Agee (Dantas Lab)Modeling asymptomatic colonization of clostridium difficile in gnotobiotic mice
January 13, 2023Tessa Lochetto (Niemi Lab)Examining mitochondrial regulatory pathways influencing skeletal muscle physiology and function
January 20, 2023Shambhavi Bhagwat (Goodwin Lab)Investigating the role of lactate in the progression of Osteosarcoma
January 27, 2023Taylor Malachowski (Stewart Lab)Investigating the role of senescence in chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy
February 3, 2023John Baer (DeNardo Lab)

Hannah Lynn (Gordon Lab)
Tissue-resident macrophages drive fibrosis pancreatitis and PDAC

Characterizing structure/activity relationships in microbiota-directed complementary foods
February 10, 2023Kimsey Platten (Bark Lab)Multiple scale examination of complex flow in free VWF-dependent arterial thrombosis
February 17, 2023Jennifer Portillo (Davis Lab)Dissecting the role of PPT1 haploinsufficiency in Parkinson’s Disease
February 24, 2023Lingzhen Kong (You Lab)

Brian Egan (Kornfeld Lab)
Ca2+ release and genome protection

ACE-inhibitor drug captopril induces the dauer state in C. elegans
March 3, 2023DeHaven McCrary (Jansen Lab)Investigating the role of Coronin 7 as a regulator of actin dynamics and cell migration through Arp2/3 complex
March 10, 2023Sua Ryu (Weber Lab)

Matt Ward (Patti Lab)
Induction of viral mimicry upon loss of DHX9 and ADAR1 in breast cancer cells

Profiling Leptospira interrogans nutrient utilization in host-like environments
March 17, 2023Lillian Spatz (DiAntonio Lab)

Jason Colasanti (Apte Lab)
Acute SARM1 activation stimulates peripheral sympathetic signaling to induce hyperglycemia

MiR-34a promotes choroidal neovascularization through modulating the KLF2/CXCR4 axis independently of VEGFa and VEGFR2
March 24, 2023Turan Tufan (Ravichandran Lab)Transcriptional pause/release in regulating macrophage efferocytosis
March 31, 2023Angela Schab (Longmore Lab)

Ariella Coler-Reilly (Civitelli Lab)
Investigating the role of stromal cell DDR2 during ovarian cancer metastasis

Identifying drivers of aging among genes differentially expressed with age
April 7, 2023Changfeng Chen (Laidlaw Lab)

Sumit Patel (Remedi Lab)
Title TBD

Title TBD
April 14, 2023Joseph Lagas (Rubin Lab)

Katherine Floyd (Goldberg Lab)
Title TBD

Title TBD
April 21, 2023Sofia Gasperino (Ravichandran Lab)Title TBD
April 28, 2023Caitlyn Brashears (Van Tine Lab)

Yi-Hsuan Chang (Puram Lab)
Title TBD

Title TBD
May 5, 2023Courtney Jungers (Djuranovic Lab)Title TBD
May 12, 2023Jade Enright (Clark Lab)

Emily Eul (Faccio Lab)
Title TBD

Title TBD
May 19, 2023Ruiyang Liu (Ding Lab)Title TBD
May 26, 2023Isabella Melena (Hughes Lab)Title TBD