Cell Biology & Physiology is training the next generation of scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Our undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique experiences to our department. The labs and centers in CB&P provide a variety of opportunities to our current and prospective students and the support needed to achieve scientific success.

Student Profile

The Stewart Lab recently welcomed a new member. Taylor Malachowski is a second-year graduate student in Molecular Cell Biology and the newest member of Dr. Sheila Stewart’s team. Drawn by the Stewart Lab’s focus on breast cancer research, Taylor will be investigating the role of senescence in nerve damage associated with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. Taylor rotated with a few different labs during her first year but ultimately decided to join the Stewart Lab because she was interested in their research and appreciated Dr. Stewart’s support for her research goals. Taylor enjoyed the lab environment and the representation of people at different levels, from lab techs to postdoctoral fellows.

Originally from North Carolina, Taylor attended East Carolina University where she studied under Dr. Chris Geyer investigating spermatogenesis. Though she had her pick of other universities for her Ph.D., Taylor picked Wash U because she felt it was collaborative in an authentic way. Leaders in the department have created an environment that is more of a community and are willing to help students succeed in and out of the lab. We are so excited to draw students like to Taylor to CB&P and can’t wait to see the amazing work she produces during her time here.

Postdoctoral Research

Postdoctoral training opportunities preparing individuals for careers in
academic research and industry also abound under the Cell Biology & Physiology umbrella. Mentoring is an important part of the mission of the department. Those interested in postdoctoral research should contact individual faculty for more information.

Undergraduate Research

Faculty research creates opportunities for undergraduate students interested in careers in experimental biology and medicine. Undergraduates often find Cell Biology & Physiology an excellent point of entry to biomedical research.

Graduate Education

Visit the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences website to learn about the graduate program at Washington University School of Medicine.