The Department of Cell Biology & Physiology is committed to supporting the medical training environment through both research and teaching.

Cell Biology & Physiology faculty oversee the Cell and Organ Systems (Medical Physiology) course designed to provide first-year medical students with a foundation for their further study of clinical and applied physiology. This course applies the fundamental physiological mechanisms of cell biology to the functions of the major organ systems of the body, namely, the cardiovascular, renal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems. For more information, consult the Washington University School of Medicine’s Bulletin.

Faculty Contact
Lai Kuan Dionne, PhD

Lai Kuan Dionne, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology & Physiology

Inter-organellar interactions between midbody, centrosome, and primary cilium in health and disease.

Summer Research

Opportunities for summer research are available in the department. Students often find research in cell biology or physiology a good way to integrate basic research and clinical medicine. Interested in pursuing a summer research project with one of our faculty? Visit our faculty profiles to learn more about research interests, position availability, and more.