NameResearch Interest
Ashrafi LabMechanisms of metabolic plasticity in neurotransmission, metabolic dysfunction in neurodegeneration
Blumer LabDiscovery and therapeutic targeting of tumor cell signaling mechanisms
Crewe LabUnderstand extracellular vesicle (EV)-mediated signaling during homeostatic and pathologic metabolic regulation
Djuranovic LabMechanisms of post-transcriptional gene regulation
Goldfarb LabMass Spectrometry, Proteomics, Bioinformatics
Jansen LabTropomyosins and coronins role as regulatory hubs that generate different actin filament populations optimally suited to mediate intracellular trafficking, cell migration, cytokinesis, cell adhesion
Kast LabCellular and molecular mechanisms that drive the biogenesis and dynamics of intracellular membrane compartments
Klyachko LabMechanisms of synaptic transmission in healthy and disease conditions
Pagliarini LabBiochemical underpinnings of mitochondrial dysfunction in human diseases
Piston LabUnderstanding glucose-regulated hormone secretion from the islet of Langerhans
Stewart LabSenescence, Cancer, Immunotherapy, Therapy-induced comorbidities, Age-related cancer drivers
Stratman LabUnderstanding mechanical contributions to vascular development and disease
True LabBiological consequences of yeast prions
You LabReplication stress response, DNA damage response, nonsense-mediated RNA decay (NMD)

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