Bridging Science and Innovation

Cell Biology & Physiology is proud to partner with the Skandalaris Center at Washington University in St. Louis to kindle scientific innovation and entrepreneurship. The Skandalaris Center is an interdisciplinary organization that brings together departments, students, faculty, and alumni to tackle many of most complex scientific challenges of our time.

Several of our team members have enjoyed recognition and funding from the Skandalaris Center to continue their work. Assistant Professor Sergej Djuranovic, PhD has received three LEAP (Bear) Inventor Awards from the Skandalaris Center. Two of the inventions have been licensed to different companies with the Office of Technology Management. In both cases funding from Skandalaris Center was essential to improving his patents.
Professor Djuranovic expects his third patent to be licensed soon and shared that “funding [from the Skandalaris Center] was instrumental to push things forward.”

The Skandalaris Center is the home of WashU entrepreneurship.

Interested in learning more? Contact the team at 314-935-9134 or