Core Facilities

Please visit the Research section of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research page for all Medical Campus Core Facilities resources.


Badge Access and Keys

Helen Ziegler is the department contact for requesting WU ID badges and departmental swipe access around campus. Please reach out to Helen for replacement badge requests or swipe access issues ( Please note: replacement badge requests incur a $15 processing fee that employees may be responsible for paying during badge pickup. 


Employees utilize Workday for various self-service tasks such as setting up direct deposit, viewing paycheck information, modifying personal data, etc. 

Human Resources

Helen Ziegler and Heather Reed are your primary human resource contacts. Helen will complete onboarding, timesheet training and assist in answering general questions. Heather handles employee relation issues and FMLA.


Wash U aggregates key services and applications across WashU into a portal that helps you quickly find and access university systems and services. With its robust search capabilities, there is no longer a need to remember or bookmark dozens of website URLs. With ONE, search, click, and you’re done. 


You need to set up your WUSTL Key. Your WUSTL Key is your Login ID and password for use of University systems. You will need your WUSTL key to access information regarding your paycheck, faculty appointment letters, etc. For assistance with your WUSTL Key please see info via the following link


Washington University IT (WUIT) is the primary contact for computer, printer and software issues. Chris Kaufmann is also available to assist with IT related matters and will work in tandem with WUIT to resolve any issue you may encounter. Contact information for both Chris and WUIT can be found at the beginning of this document. 

WashU IT will automatically set up your Email Address, Departmental User Account and Departmental VPN Account during the onboarding process:

  • If you need to set up a “BOX” account or cloud storage, please go to for registration and information on the Washington University maintained cloud storage or WUSTL Box. 
  • For scientific software, please visit: 
  • For other software needs, please visit: or contact Chris Kaufmann. 
Emergency Information
Lab Injuries & Protective Services

Any lab injury that requires or may require medical assistance should be reported to Protective Services and the Cell Bio Business Office immediately.

  • Wash U Protective Services – 314-362-4357
    • Safety and Security concerns
    • Reporting incidents on campus
    • Rides around campus
    • Lost or Found property

Department Info


Becker Medical Library is located on the first floor of Cancer Research Building, .


Maps of the Medical School Campus and Washington University Danforth Campus, Campus Stores, etc., can be found at: .

Seminars & WIP Meetings

The department holds weekly meetings in room 423 of the McDonnell Medical Sciences Building. The university has a calendar which shows all events for each department (invited external speakers, Department seminars, etc.) .

  • Cell Biology & Physiology Seminar Series: McD Sci 423 every Tuesday from 1pm – 2pm 
  • Molecular Cell Biology Work in Progress: McD Sci 423 every Friday from 3pm – 4pm

Monitors displaying important department information are located outside the business office on the 4th floor of the South Medical Building, the 4th and 5th floors of McDonnell Sciences, the 1st floor of the Couch Building, and the 7th floor of BJC Institute of Health.

If you have any questions or would like information posted on the monitors, please contact Sarah Watson (

Room Reservations

The department has access to several reserve-able spaces that can be utilized for in-person meetings. Please see below for a list of available spaces. Please contact Sarah Watson ( to schedule.  

  • 401 McDonnell Sciences (small conference room)
  • 423 McDonnell Sciences (large conference room) 
  • 4914A South Medical Building (office conference room)
  • 501 McDonnell Sciences 
  • 7101, 7102, 7514, 7601 BJCIH 
  • 9101, 9102, 9512, 9601 BJCIH 

For Labs

Facility Work Orders

Please contact Helen Ziegler for all work order requests. 

Lab Contacts

A list of primary lab contacts and their contact information can be found here.


Cleaning is done in-house by Cell Biology. If you need lab coat laundering services reach out to Helen Ziegler ( Please have your name and lab written in the collar of the coat when turning in for cleaning.

Animal Facilities


Justin Rincker is your primary contact for grant administration. Please refer to the administrative contact section above for contact information. 

Equipment + Supplies

Core Facilities & Resources
Dry Ice

There is a departmental dry ice box located in the hallway outside room 416 of the McDonnell Medical Sciences Building. Dry ice is delivered on Mondays. If there is no ice in this box, you can visit the Central Services Doc or the CSRB. 

Dry Ice is available for labs at both the Central Services dock and the CSRB dock. You may obtain dry ice by bringing a dry ice container to one of the docks. You will be required to sign your name, list the lab that you work for and the amount of dry ice that you are receiving. You may obtain 1 to 30 pounds of dry ice at a current price of .65 cents per pound. If you require more than 30 pounds of dry ice, you may pre-order it in bags of 50 pound pellets or 60 pound blocks. You may pre-order bulk dry ice by contacting Central Services at 362-3093 or CSRB at 362-8014 the day before any scheduled dry ice delivery. Central Services and CSRB docks receive shipments of dry ice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You may pre-order bulk dry ice by contacting the Central Services 362-3093 or CSRB 362-8014 dock the day before any scheduled dry ice delivery.

6″ Dry ice shipping labels are available in the Business Office.

Office Supplies

Available office supplies are listed here. If you are interested in something that isn’t listed, please contact Helen Ziegler (

Critical Equipment Monitoring
  • OneVue Primex system has been installed:, training videos available
  • Monitor on dashboard. If defrosting -80, please suspend monitoring and put back into service after completion.
  • It is the lab’s responsibility to maintain the group list who will receive alerts
Shared Equipment

Use of shared equipment is booked through Microsoft Outlook and instructions for this process are available upon request.  Please reach out to Chris Kaufmann ( for assistance.

  • McDonnell Medical Sciences Building – Rooms 426 and 505A
  • CellBio Equipment MS426 Autoclave
  • CellBio Equipment MS505A Autoclave
  • South Medical Building – Room 4915
  • CellBio Equipment SB4915 Cytation5 PlateReader
  • CellBio Equipment SB4915 Odyssey
  • CellBio Equipment MS505 OptimaUltraCF
  • CellBio Equipment MS505 Beckman-J6-MI

Each lab has a specific username and password setup for the equipment they use.  If you need assistance with recovering your username/password please reach out to Chris Kaufmann for assistance.

LN2 Cryotank

This is a long-term storage tank for frozen down cells that need a different environment than a -80 freezer. Each lab has assigned racks and boxes listed on the top of the tank. It is located in the south hallway of the 4th floor of McDonnell Sciences hallway. Please contact Emily Zarbock ( with any questions.

Equipment Purchases & Relocation
  • Before purchasing a piece of equipment that will require anything other than 120v, please contact Helen Ziegler or Heather Reed.
  • Before relocation or changing outlets of a piece of equipment for anything other than 120v, please contact Helen Ziegler or Heather Reed.
  • The Business Office will work with the electricians to confirm the existing circuits can accommodate the additional load.
Chemical Orders in Workday

When creating a requisition that has a line item that is a chemical, please include the chemical information in the MEMO field of that line item using the following format:

  • It is very important to enter the quantity information in the Workday field “Memo” in the format Quantity|Unit of Measure|Total Containers |PI Name (e.g. 500|ML|2|Piston) at the beginning of the “Memo” field.   
  • The “Unit of Measure” must be one of the following: KG, GR, MG, UG, LT, ML, UL, GAL, QT, PT, FL OZ, CYLINDER, KIT, OZ, UNITS.
  • If the above information is not entered or not entered accurately, the quantity data will not populate to the Chemical Order Receipt area meaning that quantity cannot be calculated – requiring you to manually enter the information prior to receiving to inventory. Various regulations and code requirements require the University to maintain accurate chemical quantity information, so we appreciate your diligence when ordering to ensure our inventory system continues to provide this information.
Glassware Washing

Marin Markov will wash your glassware, if you choose to use this service. The Department will invoice you monthly for the service. Please contact Heather Reed if you are interested in utilizing this service.

Purchasing & Preferred Vendors

The University has preferred vendors and related policies. Many vendors have “New Faculty Laboratory Start-Up” packages with significant discounts. Mary Crumly is the primary contact for purchasing. She will train you on the purchasing process, system and procedures. Please refer to the administrative contact section above for contact information. 

RAM Ordering

To purchase radioactive materials, please follow the same steps as in a typical Create  Requisition; however, certain fields require special attention and unique values.  Fields and corresponding values for each are provided in the list below:

  • Requester: Name of PI
  • Requisition Type: RAM
  • Deliver To: WashU location where Radiation Safety should deliver
  • Ship To: Radiation Safety Ship To: 4533 Clayton Avenue, 2nd floor
  • Worktags: Funding source
  • Request Method Option: Typically choose Request Non-Catalog Items as many radioactive materials are not in Marketplace.
  • Spend Category: Radionuclides
  • Requested Delivery Date: Required for RAM, even though not marked; enter preferred date.

Mail + Shipping

Mail & Receiving

Mail is delivered to the department mailboxes once a day. The mailboxes are located in the break room (4914) of the South Building. Additionally, there are mailboxes located in workroom 1207 of the Couch Building and workrooms 7618 and 9622 of the BJCIH for convenient access for individuals working in those buildings. 

  • Campus mail and USPS are placed in the outbound bin in the breakroom. 
  • Packages are delivered to your lab and may require a signature. 
  • Department Mailing Address is: 660 S. Euclid Avenue, Mail Stop Code 8228-0003-04 St. Louis, MO 63110-1093 
  • Business Office Physical Add
    • BJC Institute of Health is located at 425 S. Euclid Avenue 
    • Couch Biomedical Research Building is located at 4515 McKinley Avenue 
    • Cancer Research Building is located at 660 S. Euclid Avenue 
    • McDonnell Medical Sciences Building is located at 4565 McKinley Avenue 
    • South Medical Building is located at 4577 McKinley Avenue

All orders need to have a justification including what is being shipped and why.

  • Every lab should have their own login (only one per lab) using our account.
  • Please use the online airbills when shipping making sure that your name is included.
  • Please send justification and fund to charge to
  • PIs are responsible for taking their shipment to the FedEx drop box located in the South Building entrance (across from the elevators).
  • Please contact Mary Crumly for account information (

For Students

Student Information
  • Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS): The Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) offers exceptional doctoral training at one of the nation’s preeminent biomedical research centers. DBBS is organized into twelve academic programs, each representing a different scientific area. Membership in the Division enables faculty members to supervise the research efforts of doctoral candidates in Division programs. Department Chairman, Dave Piston, will provide a letter in support of your membership. 
  • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs: Washington University in St. Louis is committed to excellence in research and education, and recognizes that postdoctoral researchers make a critical contribution to the University’s overall research mission through the generation of new ideas, sharing of research knowledge, and the publication of research results. Washington University also recognizes that postdoctoral training positions are temporary training positions designed to enhance scientific, professional and other skills. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) provides support and resources for postdoctoral researchers, as well as faculty and administration, and advocates for postdoctoral issues. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact OPA at
Housing & Transportation

The Washington University School of Medicine campus has residential housing options in The Core Apartment Residences. WUSM also provides space for temporary stays at The Core.

  • The Core Apartment Residences

The Core Apartment Residences offers 160 studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments. For more information, please visit their website or email

  • Temporary stays

The Core Apartment Residence offers temporary housing options for guests of the University who wish to stay for two days up to three months. Departments who bring guests to campus for extended periods of time such as visiting faculty or a student coming for a rotation depending on availability, can stay at The Core. The Core also provides accommodations for visiting students, faculty, staff members and those individuals pursuing research, internships and educational opportunities. Each guest must be a visiting student or be sponsored by a WUSTL department to be eligible.

For a list of current rates, please email

  • Off-Campus Living

The Washington University affiliate Quadrangle Housing Co. offers university-owned rental apartments in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding Washington University’s medical and Danforth campuses.

Washington University’s Apartment Referral Services portal connects the WashU community to off-campus housing options.

Check this brief list of neighborhoods in St. Louis City and St. Louis County . Campus shuttle and parking information can be found here.

More information about neighborhoods and relocating to St. Louis can be found here.


The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS): Heather Reed will act as the Liaison with the Washington University Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS). They will prepare all documents pertaining to new and renewal J-1 and H-1B visas and coordinate faculty requests for permanent residency. They will also serve as Liaison with Legal regarding Permanent Residency preparation and submission. For more information regarding the visa process at Washington University, please visit the OISS website: 

For Faculty


Please contact Sarah Watson ( for assistance booking airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc. If you are interested, please send the below forms to Sarah and she will contact you. *Please note this service is only available for faculty!*

Traveler Information Form

Traveler Request Form