Chen Lab

McDonnell Sciences Building (MS: 8228-0012-04)

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Circular RNA (circRNA) | RNA Binding Protein (RBP) | RNA Structures | Hypoxia | Single-Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) | RNA Therapy

The Chen lab utilizes multi-omic and high-throughput screening approaches to investigate the regulation and function of circRNA and uncover the molecular mechanisms of circRNA mediated disease. We aim to uncover (i) the RNA elements, genomic features, and protein components regulating the functions of circRNAs, (ii) the molecular mechanism of how circRNAs regulate cell physiology, and (iii) how circRNA dysregulation can lead to disease pathogenesis. Our long-term goal is to harness the unique properties of circRNAs to develop new tools for RNA-based technologies and therapeutic interventions.