Heuser named winner of the 2014 E.B. Wilson Medal

John E. Heuser, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, will receive the E.B. Wilson Medal, the highest scientific honor awarded by the American Society for Cell Biology. Heuser shares this year’s Wilson Medal with two other exceptional pioneering cell biologists, William Brinkley (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston) and Peter Satir (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York). These cell biologists are each being celebrated for their seminal work on components of the cytoskeleton, and for their research into how these elements of the cytoskeleton drive functions at the cellular level.

John is recognized world-wide for developing and refining techniques for fixing samples for electron microscopy using his “quick freeze, deep-etch” process, which made it possible to see for the first time cellular events too fleeting for traditional microscopy. His celebrated “Heusergrams” imaged components and activities in the cytoskeleton, such as cytoskeletal motors, clathrin and coated pits, SNARE complexes in vesicle fusion, and endosomal sorting complexes in vesicle transport.

Edmund Beecher Wilson (1856-1939) is considered America’s first modern cell biologist. E.B. Wilson awards recognize the outstanding achievements and lifetime contributions of world-renowned scientists. This year’s Wilson Medals will be presented at the ASCB’s annual meeting in Philadelphia this December.

Congratulations to John and the other awardees on this well-deserved honor!