Academy of Science of St. Louis Honors John E. Heuser, M.D.

Congratulations to Dr. John Heuser!

John E. Heuser, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology and Physiology at the School of Medicine, has received the 2014 Academy of Science’s Peter H. Raven Lifetime Achievement Award. Awards were presented at the annual dinner held on April 9, 2014 at the Chase Park Plaza. Since its inception, the Academy has promoted recognition of St. Louis's most renowned scientists. This tradition continues with the 20th Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Awards. Each award winner represents both an extraordinary caliber of expertise and a dedication to fostering science literacy.

Each year, the academy seeks nominations of outstanding women and men in science, engineering and technology who are known worldwide for their scientific contributions to research, industry and quality of life. Those recognized also have a record of excellence in communicating with the public and/or mentoring colleagues.

Dr. Heuser is recognized world-wide for developing and broadly applying the "quick freeze/deep-etch" method of electron microscopy. He first used this to visualize and define the mechanisms involved in the vesicular release of neurotransmitter at the neuromuscular junction. Over the past 40 years, his technique has been used by investigators to visualize structures inside and outside of cells. Dr. Heuser's images have defined and propelled many areas of biology, providing paradigm-shifting insights that informed and inspired generations of biologists.

He continues to use his approach, in conjunction with other advanced electron microscope techniques, to provide unique and insightful 3-D views, known as “Heusergrams,” of membranes and molecules in a wide variety of biological contexts, including nerves, muscles, glands, blood, skin and bone.

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