Department Life

Venues for Creative Dialogue

Our department offers many opportunities for formal and informal exchanges of ideas that support our culture of collaboration and collegiality. These activities include seminars and chalk talks, afternoon teas and a Friday happy hour, as well as annual picnics, retreats, and holiday events. We also have a baseball team, the Rough ERs, for whom sportsmanship is more important than the trophies that others aspire to. Some of these activities are specifically intended to support the family-centric culture of our department.

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Trainees

Currently, we have over 40 students and postdoctoral researchers. Our department is the intellectual core and spiritual home of the Ph.D. Program in Cell & Molecular Biology. These students and trainees ensure that a lively energy pervades our scientific pursuits and happy hours.

Inter- and Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations

In our relationships within our institution, we cultivate the synergies that naturally exist among the basic biomedical sciences by working closely with our colleagues in the departments of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Developmental Biology, Genetics, and Anatomy & Neurobiology. We also foster collaborations with clinical and translational researchers at the School of Medicine, as well as with the physical sciences and biomedical engineering on the main Danforth Campus.